I am happy to share with you cultural topics of parenting, tips about traveling with kids and experiences I made on my motherhood journey. I love to research and find out information, but it is not so easy to find the knowledge I was looking for – on my blog all topics are based on the basic concepts of need based parenting and non violent communication (Marshall B. Rosenberg). Mumlife is a journey and we facing challenges every day therefore I think it is so important to talk, share and support each other!

Through my studies of business education I learned a lot about teaching and how to transfer knowledge, but I missed learning about the attitude of teachers towards students. Therefore I am very thankful that my child lead me to need based parenting and non violent communication. Actually kids are the best coaches!

I started my blog because I did a lot of research to find not only books but also real life examples about parenting. Also I usually needed information fast, and therefore I see my blog as a source of real life examples about parenting, baby stuff and with the speciality of an international marriage (kid is raised with 3 languages).

I am happy to have you here and I would love it when you comment or email me any of your questions!