Welcome to my blog! Are you an internationally married mum and discovering another culture?

Are you looking for internationally married couples? Who have to completely different cultures? I am happy to have you here! Do you agree: information is king? Especially when you are an internationally married mum and you have to face new challenges every day – it is so important to share experiences. Basically you get your baby without any instruction leaflet. For me it is so valuable to get both book recommendations and practical experiences. I think there is wonderful books out there but in the same time it is so important to talk and discuss ways of facing challanging situations.

As I am an internationally married mum I want to share my information in english but sometimes as well in german. But if you find something interesting and it is in german please feel free to contact me.

I am looking forward to find like minded friends in the world of blogging who are in an international relationship themselves or who love to talk about culture, kids and sustainable living. When I was living in the jungle – I realized how less you actually need. Back in Austria I started my journey of getting rid of my things. When my baby was born I found out I do need a few more things, but believe me you do not need that much. I will cover that topic in a separate blogpost later on.

More about me you can find the the ABOUT section.

I am very happy to be here and to find all these beautiful souls out there!



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